The Future of Business Card

With business cards, we are able to share our business contact easily with prospective clients and even go as far as making a great first impression. However, have you found yourself in a situation where you have exhausted your cards or you forgot to carry your business card with you and lost an opportunity to make that great first impression? Well, it happens to a lot of us. Can you imagine a situation where you never run out of cards, your business card is always with you at all times. It is not far-fetched it is possible.

With a V1CE card, you don’t have to print cards again, You don’t have to run out of cards, you don’t have to reprint cards because some details have changed or have various business cards printed for your various businesses.

V1CE card is a digital business card that holds your business contact information and can easily be shared by tapping your V1CE card on any smartphone and the person receives your contact details; website, social media handle, and email address in 2 seconds. The V1CE card uses NFC technology that works with most smartphones.

✔︎ It is that simple!

✔︎ No apps needed.

✔︎ Manage multiple businesses from one card.

✔︎ Keep you and your clients safe with contactless tech.

✔︎ Great first impression

✔︎ Stand out with your digital business card.

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