Benefits of Digital Marketing skills for Designers

For the past three weekends, I mean Saturday and Sunday for about 8 hours each day, I was being trained in digital marketing by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) sponsored by my company RADP. It was a bitter-sweet experience; bitter in the sense that I didn’t have a weekend of rest and unwind for 3 good weeks as I should have after a stressful week-day. Of course, I have a choice but for the sake of growth. When I said sweet, I meant there was a lot I gleaned from the training; it was indeed an eye-opener especially as a designer. At first, I was sceptical about adding digital marketing to my skills. But now I realise how important it is to a designer, especially a designer who is keen on creating value-based design solutions.

In a well-structured environment, of course, you are not meant to do everything but this will help you collaborate seamlessly with other stakeholders and have great/value-based conversations. And better understand decisions being made.

This is what digital marketing skills will help you do:

  1. Website Optimisation:

As a UI/UX Designer, understanding the buyer’s journey which is awareness, interest, consideration, conversion and retention will help you create easier navigation, faster checkout process, faster website and clearer reasons to convert. And A/B test website elements to improve conversions. This put together helps the website SEO also. Understanding and setting metrics will help you through the iterative process. For example, conversation rate, return rate, referral source, cart abandonment rate, time on site and bounce rate. With Google Analytics etc you have access to this data.

2. Social Media Designs/Display Advertising:

You understand the requirements of the various channels and what medium/creative/design direction is best for the set objectives and target audience. You know that your Ad copy/design should be related to your landing page/website; the higher the relevance, the more likely the user engages with the page content which reduces your bounce rate. Also, you are able to contribute meaningfully during the strategy sessions. And less friction when there’s a need for design optimization because you have the whole picture. And you know how annoying it can be when you are being asked to change your design direction without knowing why. But with digital marketing skills, you are able to ask the right questions and give recommendations.

3. Email Marketing:

According to statistics, about 53% of emails are opened on the mobile phone. What this means is that when designing emails whether it’s a newsletter, announcement or event Invitation, you need to take into account that more than half of the emails will be opened on mobile phone hence your design should be mobile friendly; your font size, minimal design elements etc. Also, understanding the strategy behind email marketing like segmentation and personalisation and analytics will inform your design style that fits into the various email segmentation already created. ‘One size does not fit all”. Moreso, analytics will help you see how the emails performed and use learnings for future email designs.

These are some of the benefits of digital marketing skills for a designer. If you think I missed out on something please, feel free to mention it in the comment section.

In conclusion, having the right/all the information (data) will help you create value-based design solutions.

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